Fullers Earth Systems

The SES522 Adsorbent Treatment Systems (Fullers Earth) remove polar contaminants such as acids, oxidation by-products, and color bodies from dielectric oils and numerous other fluids.

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The SES522-500D 500 lb Adsorbent Treatment System (Fullers Earth) removes polar contaminants such as acids, oxidation by-products, and color bodies from numerous fluids. The bulk media system can be used for stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with the SES320 conditioning system to regenerate badly degraded ISO class III insulating fluids and with multiple passes, "desludge"  badly contaminated transformers.  



Model#: SES522-500D
Dual Tower (500 Lbs) Bulk Fullers Earth System
Designed to tilt and dump from inside or rear of trailer
Dual processing towers w 
30 GPM single housing max flow capacity (160°F Oil) with 20 psi pressure drop.
95 psi housing rating
1-1/2” M X F inlet & discharge cams provided
Flow Patterns:
Either tower, Parallel thru both towers, Series thru both towers
Socket weld isolation valves provided
(2) Local inlet and outlet pressure gauges provided
(2) Inlet and outlet flow sights provided
(1 Hydraulic assisted tower tilt and lid positioning  
(1) Vacuum fill system (vacuum source optional)
(1) 70 gallon CS blow down tank provided

Tank accessories include:

    • (1) Tank level gauge
    • (1) Tank inlet filter
    • (1) Tank inlet flow sight
    • (1) Tank vent / breather
    • (1) Manual drain valve
    • (1) System return hose connection cam
    • (1) VFS - Vacuum fill source for media fill system

SES321 1260 ISO Front Left 500x403

 ConfigurationTable min


 Insulating Oil Properties Restored

  • Total Acid Number (TAN)
  • Negative Neutralization Value 
  • Negative Interfacial Tension (IFT)
  • Color
  • Dissipation Factor
  • Eliminates Sludge and Oxidation Byproducts
  • Oxidation Stability * 

* Note: Polar additives, such as oxidation inhibitors, can be removed during adsorbent treatment processing.  Additive restoration requires an optional additive mixing and injection system.

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