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SES 320A Insulating Oil Reclamation Systems

Common Names for Insulating Oil Reclamation Systems are:
  • Insulating Oil Regeneration Systems
  • Insulating Oil Regeneration Systems
  • Transformer Oil Regeneration Systems
  • Transformer Oil Reclamation Systems
  • Fullers Earth Degas Systems  
The SES/320A family of insulating oil reclamation systems is designed to reclaim or "regenerate" severely degraded  ISO/ Group III insulating oils. SES/320A insulating oil reclamation systems can be used to completely reverse the harmful effects caused by aging, oxidation, acid accumulation, sludge formation, and sludge precipitation. The SES/320A adds an additional Adsorbent Treatment processing stage to the SES/320 reconditioning systems. The SES/320A family can be used for either reconditioning or complete oil reclamation. 

The SES/320A reclamation process restores the following oil properties:

        Water Content
        Gas Content
        Dirt Content
        Breakdown Voltage
        Neutralization Value (TAN)
        Interfacial Tension (IFT)
        Dissipation Factor
        Oxidation Stability (Optional)

3 Types of Insulating Oil Reclamation Systems
We offer three types of Adsorbent Treatment stages for SES/320A insulating oil reclamation systems. All three restore oil properties equally. The first two types use cartridge or bulk adsorbent fuller's earth that is replaced once spent. The third type of system uses a proprietary reactivatable adsorbent medium. This medium can be reactivated in place typically more than 300 times before replacement is necessary.

The SES/320A Insulating Oil Reclamation Systems

(Cartridge Media)
The SES/320AC-MP & SES/320AC-100 use replaceable adsorbent media cartridges. The cartridges are replaced when the media is spent. They can be used for both oil reclamation and oil reconditioning. 
The SES/320AC-100 is targeted for small-volume transformer oil service where occasional reclamation is required. This versatile system can be used for single-pass dehydration, multi-pass reclamation, transformer evacuation, and vacuum filling

The SES/320AC-MP is a multi-pass reconditioning/reclamation system for batch purification of insulating oil and other specialty fluids where control acid is required. Insulating fluids and phosphate ester hydraulic fluids being the most common.


(Bulk Media)
The SES/320AB-100 systems use bulk replaceable adsorbent (Fullers Earth) media and can be used for both oil reclamation and oil reconditioning. The media in this system must be replaced when spent. 
The SES/320AB-100 is targeted for transformer oil service where oil reclamation may be required. This versatile system can be used for single-pass dehydration, multi-pass reclamation, transformer evacuation, and vacuum filling. Flow rates are available up to 50 GPM (11,400 LPH)

(Media Reactivation)

The SES/320AR-100 regeneration (reclamation) system uses an adsorbent media system that can be reactivated more than 300 times before disposal is required. These systems are typically used for multi-pass oil reclamation and transformer desludging. Dual adsorbent processing banks are provided to permit uninterrupted processing during media reactivation. 

Mounting Options
SES/320A insulating oil reclamation systems are available in a wide range of flow rates and mounting options. Stationary systems are normally provided for plant use and dedicated to oil reclamation. The vast majority of SES/320A insulating oil systems built are mobile and used for transformer field service oil conditioning, and oil reclamation. SES/320A mobile systems can be used for either oil reconditioning or oil reclamation and are commonly configured with optional equipment to provide transformer dry-out and de-sludging capabilities.

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