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Circ-Oil Lube Consoles

SESCO provides custom engineered circ-oil lube consoles for a wide variety of industry's most demanding bearing lubrication applications.


Industrial Lube Oil Purifiers

SES/300 Vacuum Oil Purifiers
SESCO designs and manufactures vacuum oil purifiers for most industrial lubricants. The SES/300 process removes gas, particulate, and significant amounts of free water contamination. SESCO's high efficiency vacuum dehydration process removes up to 7x more water per pass than typical "mass transfer" vacuum oil purifiers on the market. The 300 series family is targeted for lube oil reservoir service where water contamination is a common (or potential) problem. 
Water contamination from seal failure can force costly outages and lost production. Properly sized, the SES/300 can be used to offset significant water ingression problems, allowing the repairs to take place during scheduled maintenance outages. Equipment payback can be immediate.


 Specific SES/300 Vacuum Oil Purifier Systems:
  • Turbine Purifiers
  • Paper Machine Purifiers
  • Morg Purifiers
  • Roll Lube Purifiers 
  • Heat Transfer Fluid Purifiers
  • Quench Purifiers 
  • Hydraulic Purifiers
  • Machining Center Purifiers 
Contact SESCO with your particular industrial fluid and lubricant contamination problems.
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